Men give up their seats on MRT so that elderly couple can sit together

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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A group of men restored an onlooker's faith in humanity when they got up to give up their seats for an elderly couple who had boarded a train at Mayflower MRT Station.

Stomper Raven told Stomp that he witnessed the kind act on June 22.

In the video, the elderly woman and a man with a walking stick are seen looking around the train cabin.

Upon seeing them, one of the men gives up his seat and two more get up so that the couple can sit together.

"Humanity at its best," said Raven.

"The workers gave up their seats to the elderly woman and man with his walking stick after they were looking for a seat.

"Nobody else offered their seats but at last, one stood up and then another two followed suit.

"They offered their seats to those who needed them the most.

"The couple later happily sat side-by-side.

"Thank you so much for making someone else's day!"