Man to Shopee agent: 'You are here to serve the customer'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Shopee seller lost his cool after chatting with a Shopee agent.

Stomp understands that the seller contacted Shopee regarding a product listing that was removed.

In the text exchange, the agent repeatedly asked the seller to copy and paste the order ID as the screenshot he provided was 'not clear'.

After some back and forth, the seller accused her of having a bad attitude and said he would lodge a complaint against her.

He added: "You are from customer service.

"You are here to serve the customer, not customer serve you (sic)."

The seller then insisted on the agent tapping on the image to see the number herself.

When she asked again for him to provide the order ID, he just said: "Cannot."

The agent then requested he "kindly refrain from using offensive language" and that "using profanity may result in termination of the chat".

The seller then challenged her: "Did I use any profanity language?"

She replied: "No sir."

Eventually, the agent told him that she would escalate his case with the relevant team and that he would get an update within three working days.

When she asked if there was anything else she could assist him with, he said: "Just want to say that this type of behaviour is unacceptable for a customer service officer."

Stomp understands that the listing has been reinstated.