PMD uncle makes kissy noises at woman, follows her despite her insisting she's married

A man could not take no for an answer even after having his advances rebuffed.

A video posted by Singapore Incidents on Facebook shows the "uncle", who was riding a personal mobility device (PMD), hitting on the woman.

According to the video, the man had made "mua mua" noises at the woman at a void deck.

He can be seen continuing to tail her on his PMD even when she repeatedly told him that she was married.

He also told her that he just wanted to "make friends only" and to "got time come out and drink tea".

Netizens slammed the man's behaviour in the comments section of the video.

One user said: "This kind don’t need to be polite. Too polite and nervous laugh, he thinks you like his advances.... Ignore and tell them you will call police for his harassment if he persists. No need give face regardless elderly or not."


Tiko uncle following a lady tiktoker Credit: NINI2

Posted by Singapore Incidents on Monday 1 April 2024