Stomper chases down man who allegedly exposed himself to his wife at West Coast Park

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A man allegedly exposed his genitals to a woman at West Coast Park on Sept 3 at about 1.20pm.

Her husband shared with Stomp a video of him chasing down the man to confront him for his lewd act.

In the video, the man immediately covers his face once the Stomper's wife takes out her phone to record him.

The couple come across the man again while driving and when the Stomper sounds his horn at him, he starts running.

According to the Stomper, he did so after recognising his wife.

He then stops his truck to get down and go after the man.

When he catches up with him, he confronts him: "Hey you b******, what are you doing just now?"

The man is then heard saying: "No lah, not me lah."

The Stomper then tells him he has a video of him taken by his wife and threatens him by saying he has called the police.

"Why are you scared," the Stomper asked.

"Wah you open your pants and show your things ah?

"Why you run? You wait ah, I got your face already."

"Where you going? Stupid idiot, you."

The man continues to hide his face and runs away from the Stomper in the park.

Although the Stomper told the man he had called the police, he told Stomp he has not made a report on the matter yet.

When asked how he feels about the incident, he said: "For me, Singapore is a safe country but I feel [unsafe]."