Please help Stomper find Microsoft Lumia phone he lost

Submitted by Stomper Midnite

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Stomper Midnite is appealing to anyone who might have found his Microsoft Lumia phone that he lost on May 26 at around 5.45am.

The phone is black and has a sticker that says "kuihpedia" on the back.

"I have emailed the taxi company and am awaiting their reply," said the Stomper.

"Another location I might have left it at is the OCBC ATM machine at Golden Mile Tower while I was withdrawing my money.

"The ATM is nearby the bus express counters.

"I was in a rush to take my bus in the morning so I could not search the area.

"I just arrived back in Singapore today."

If you have any information regarding the lost phone, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.