Platform screen doors could not close at Jurong East MRT station: 'Stand behind the yellow line'

Submitted by Stomper Wei Sien

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It was an unexpected sight.

When Stomper Wei Sien reached the train platform at Jurong East MRT station on Wednesday (Nov 16) at 7.17pm, the platform screen doors were open, but no train was there.

The lights on each side of the door were blinking continuously.

He said: "SMRT Service Ambassadors were standing at the platform doors and advising passengers to stay behind the yellow line for safety."

The Stomper shared a video showing a train arriving and commuters got off and on as per normal.

As the train left the station. the screen doors remained open and a woman can be heard repeating: "Stand behind the yellow line."

The Stomper said that he heard an announcement that the next train would arrive in 10 minutes.

In response to a Stomp query, SMRT Trains President Lam Sheau Kai said: "On Nov 16 at around 7pm, the westbound platform screen doors at Jurong East MRT station experienced a fault and could not close.

"Our staff were deployed to the platforms to assist commuters and reminded to keep clear of the open doors.

"At the same time, our engineers were activated to rectify the fault.

"Train service remained available throughout the incident. As a precautionary measure and for the safety of our commuters, trains entering and leaving the station moved at a slower speed.

"The engineers cleared the fault at around 7.35pm, and regular train service resumed."

Wei Sian told Stomp: "The incident made me feel that this is normal, that at any time, anything may happen."