Picket & Rail customer waits 2 months for furniture ordered in Oct: 'My children sleeping on floor'

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Four Picket & Rail customers contacted Stomp about their negative experience with the furniture shop recently.

One woman ordered furniture in October and as of Dec 23, the items have not arrived.

Stomper Linda‪ shared copies of two invoices, one of which shows she paid a total of $1,146 for a storage bench, a study table and a bed with a study desk on Oct 3.

The other invoice indicates she paid a total of $2,372 for a bed frame and two mattresses on Oct 23 and got a clock and a mirror for free.

"They were supposed to deliver in October, but before the delivery, I received a message from them that their warehouse’s sprinkler system was triggered, causing water damage to the furniture items and it would take approximately two to four weeks to reorder. But no one updated me on the next delivery date," recounted Linda.

In November, she managed to contact the salesperson who took her order.

"I told her my children have been sleeping on the floor because of their delay, but she didn’t seem to care and told me almost all of the items that I ordered was not in production any more," said the Stomper.

"She responded rudely that either I changed my order to other alternatives or they just refunded me without being apologetic and made me feel like the problem lie with me.

"When I asked her whether she could at least deliver the mattresses first so that my children could have mattresses to sleep on while waiting for the bed frame. She just ignored my messages and calls, and went missing in action. She even blocked me."

Linda said she managed to contact another Picket & Rail staffer who promised to deliver the mattresses on Dec 16, but they were a no-show.

"All the numbers shown on their website are uncontactable. They refused to reply to my WhatsApp and my emails. I wonder how this company achieved five stars in their Google reviews and continues to serve new customers when they can’t even settle with their existing customers."

Linda is not the only unhappy Picket & Rail customer.

Stomper Sue bought two sofas for $997 on Oct 21 and the date of delivery was supposed to be 11 Dec.

"Picket & Rail didn’t answer my calls and WhatsApp messages for a week," said Sue. "When they answered, they said my order was damaged in their building.

"They wouldn’t refund me. Instead, they tricked me into paying for a more expensive sofa than what I originally paid for!"

Stomp has contacted Picket & Rail for more info.

A third Picket & Rail customer, Stomper Elvin, said he ordered two beds on Nov 7 and expected them to be delivered on Dec 1, but when the day came, there was no news.

When he contacted the salesperson, he was informed the delivery was delayed to the end of December.

"My wife and I were angry they didn't contact us about the late delivery," said Elvin.

"So we requested a full refund. Another week went by and also no news about the refund."

He contacted another salesperson who said the delivery date was changed to the middle of January and she would try to get loan beds for the Stomper.

On Dec 19, Elvin told Stomp: "They were supposed to deliver a loan bed to me today, but I waited for the delivery from 2pm to 6pm and then to 9pm but also no show. Now the salesperson didn't want to answer my calls or my WhatsApp messages."

Unlike the others, Stomper Low actually received her order from Picket & Rail after several months – but there was another problem.

"I ordered a queen-size bed frame around the end of June," recounted the Stomper.

"I was asked to wait for a few months due to no ready stock. When the bed frame finally arrived in October, the dimensions of the side rail were incorrect.

"I went down to the showroom to report the defect because there was no response to my WhatsApp messages. They offered alternative bed frames.

Low did not like the other bed frames and asked for a refund.

"They suggested ordering the correct side rail, promising delivery before Christmas. I agreed to it," said the Stomper.

"I requested a written confirmation of the arrangement, but no one responded."

Her subsequent request for a refund went unheeded.

She shared screenshots of her messages with the salesperson.

"Bottomline, Picket & Rail makes empty promises on delivery and drags things out," said the Stomper.