PHV driver allegedly assaults and hurls vulgarities at Stomper in carpark, police investigating

Submitted by Stomper Jeremy

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The police are investigating an incident in which a man was allegedly assaulted by a driver in West Coast last Friday morning (Oct 13).

Stomper Jeremy said the road rage incident occurred at a carpark near Ayer Rajah Food Centre at around 8.55am.

He shared dashcam footage that shows the man confronting him.

The Stomper recounted: "I was driving out of a nearby carpark after having breakfast at the hawker centre. I turned on my car's signal and turned right dead slow.

"A private-hire car suddenly sped in and almost hit my car. The driver stepped out and started approaching me, clenching his fist as if wanting to hit me. He wasn't very happy and kept gesturing at me.

"He then used his hands to shove me multiple times and claimed that I was pointing my finger at him, when it's clear from the video that he was the one raising his finger at me first.

"I told him to calm down but he punched me on my right chest and I almost fell to the ground.

"I shouted for him to stop and uttered, 他妈的, 你不要碰我 (Damn it, don't touch me).

"He became agitated and pulled on my collar, then said I was scolding his mother and pushed me even harder.

"As I wanted to de-escalate the matter, I told him I was sorry if he thought I'd insulted his mother (actually, the Chinese phrase was just an exclamation with no intention to insult his mother).

"He then let go of my collar and warned that he would let me off this time, before walking back to his car and proceeding to pick up a couple a short distance away."

Jeremy told Stomp that he "could have retaliated" throughout the incident, but chose not to.

He added: "I have gone for a medical examination and doctor has certified that my chest was bruised. A police report has also been lodged. A complaint has also been submitted to the ride-hailing company."

A police report seen by Stomp shows Jeremy stating that he "wishes to take further action" against the alleged assailant.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirm that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

Jeremy said: "I want to highlight this incident to heighten the public's awareness of what to do in a road rage incident and to prevent such occurrences from happening."