E-biker rages at BMW driver for honking at him in Yishun, challenges him to 'come out'

Submitted by Stomper R

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Anger issues?

A man on an electric bike was caught on camera behaving aggressively towards a BMW driver who had apparently honked at him.

Stomper R shared a video of the incident that occurred at a traffic light junction along Yishun Avenue 6 on Monday (Sept 11).

R said: "There was a commotion between a food delivery rider and a BMW.

"The e-biker was moving fast the BMW honked at him.

"He got pissed off at being honked at and scolded the driver while pointing his middle finger and making hand gestures like 'bring it on'. He was asking for a fight in the middle of the road, finding fault with the driver and blocking the car's way."

In the video, the e-biker can be heard challenging the BMW driver to "come out" and making various hand gestures before riding away.