Pedestrians walk around car that failed to stop at zebra crossing in Jalan Bukit Merah

Submitted by Stomper Tess

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A driver was caught on camera behaving recklessly on the road and failing to stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing along Jalan Bukit Merah, at around 6pm yesterday (April 23).

Stomper Tess witnessed the incident and contributed a video.

The video shows how the driver with licence plate number SLR9459P had first made a reckless u-turn into the Stomper's lane.

He later drove through a zebra crossing located outside ABC Market, even though there were pedestrians who were waiting to cross the road and those who were crossing halfway.

The clip also shows how several of the pedestrians made hand gestures and appeared to chide the driver.

Tess said: "At first, this driver of SLR9459P drove dangerously and recklessly cut into my lane while doing a u-turn.

"At the HDB premises, he almost hit and drove into a group of pedestrians. Luckily, they stopped and gave way to him.

"This type of drivers should be taken off the roads permanently.

"I hope the Traffic Police can look into this and take action against such drivers."

Watch the video below (action starts from 00:30).