Driver crashes into car like a wrecking ball along Claymore Hill -- then flees

Submitted by Stomper dummy

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A driver rammed his vehicle into a car near Claymore Hill before speeding off in a hit-and-run accident on early Sunday morning (April 15).

The incident, which happened at 6.02am, was captured on the dashboard camera of Stomper dummy’s car, which he subsequently sent to Stomp. 

In the video, a white car can be seen making a right turn at a traffic junction as the light turns green. 

A black car, zipping into the junction from a perpendicular road, rams into the white car. 

The impact of the crash sends the white car spinning. 

Debris can also be seen flying following the collision. 

The driver of the black car then speeds off. 

Stomp has contacted the police for an official statement on the incident.