Passenger threatens bus fare inspector over unpaid fare in viral video: 'Don't test my patience'

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It happened last year, but the video has gone viral only in recent days.

A young man was caught on camera in an altercation with an SBS Transit bus fare inspector on the upper deck of a double-decker bus.

Uploaded to TikTok on July 31, 2023, the 55-second video is subtitled: "YP (young punk) want beat uncle over unpaid fare."

The inspector, who was standing, can be seen speaking to the seated passenger when the latter angrily stood up and shouted "Wei!"

The inspector held up his body cam hung around his neck and the young man tried to slap it away.

Another passenger got up and stood between the two, prompting the young man to utter an obscenity.

"Don't test my patience lah huh," he threatened the inspector, who replied: "You never listen to me and you say I want to test your patience?"

The inspector suggested different ways the young man could pay the fare until the latter said: "Everything don't have."

The inspector confirmed what the young man said and walked away.

The video has since been shared on various online platforms.

SBS Transit said the incident happened on July 31, 2023, on bus service 80 and the case has been referred to the police, according to media reports.

While some netizens praised the bus inspector for keeping his cool, others were more impressed by the passenger who helped to de-escalate the situation by keeping the two apart.

"Give that man in the middle a medal!" said one commenter.

"Although I do not agree with the fee dodger, I have experienced nasty ticket inspectors."