Uncle on bus swears at Stomper and wants to fight after being asked why his feet were on seat

Submitted by Stomper Robin

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Why do people put their feet on the bus seat?

A man lost his temper after he was asked this by a fellow passenger who started recording him.

Stomper Robin said the man verbally abused him and shared the video of the confrontation, which happened on bus service 14 on Monday afternoon (May 15).

"I asked the uncle nicely at first why his feet were on the seat," recounted the Stomper. "What if someone needed to sit there?

"I began recording the video only once he started swearing and being abusive."

In the video, the uncle can be seen trying to hit the Stomper's phone out of his hand and using the F-word.

"He did that multiple times and told me to come out of the bus to fight," said the Stomper. "The bus driver stopped the bus and ejected him from the bus."

The Stomper added that he was in shock after the incident.

"I've been taught that if you see an inconsiderate act, politely ask and point out that behaviour," he said. "Which I did and then it became like that."