Passenger leaves laptop, tablet on bus but manages to retrieve it from driver going in opposite direction

Submitted by Stomper Leon

A passenger was momentarily at a loss after realising he had left his laptop computer and tablet on a bus on May 16.

However, thanks to a stroke of good luck and the helpfulness of SMRT bus drivers, he was able to retrieve his belongings.

Stomper Leon shared with Stomp a video he posted on his Instagram page of what had happened.

He said he was on his way home after work late that night and nodded off on his journey on bus service 985.

He woke up just in time and abruptly alighted the bus before realising he had left his computer and tablet.

"Since the bus would be making a turn at the end of the journey and driving back to Choa Chu Kang, I decided to try my luck by going over to the opposite direction of the bus route, hoping to catch the same bus," he said.

"I was finally lucky when I got up bus service 985 for the third time before getting so lucky to find it back!

"All the drivers of the three buses were so friendly and helpful to me!

"So thankful to all of them!"

He ended off his post with #singaporesafestcountry.