Stomper gives SMRT bus captain care pack and note to thank him for 'making his day'

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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A Stomper was so touched by the service of an SMRT bus captain that he prepared a care pack and note to express his gratitude.

Stomper Raven told Stomp that he boarded bus service 190 along Teck Whye Avenue on Mar 25.

There were several passengers but Raven was impressed by how the bus captain handled the situation.

"He stood up and looked behind to see if there was still any more space to move in to allow other passengers a chance to board the bus," he said.

"He is very calm and patient.

"During one point along the journey, to ensure that everyone can get a ride, he even asked a lady passenger to tap her EZ-Link card at the entrance before boarding the bus from the rear door.

"He also reminded everyone to be careful at every stop.

"I am very happy and he really made my day!

"He really enjoys doing his job and never hesitates at all, going the extra mile to not let any of his passengers down."

Raven found out the bus captain's name was Mr Gunalan A/LS Mamasivayan and prepared a care pack that included a thank you note, coffee mug, coffee, Milo and Oreo cookies.

He passed it to the ticket office on Mar 28 before meeting Mr Gunalan in person to thank him and commend him for a job well done.

"It's not anything expensive, but I know how it feels like working under a hot sun.

"I know maybe this is not something everyone will appreciate but I can feel his efforts and he did a very good job and made everyone's day."