Passenger allegedly slams door open and hits another car at Mustafa carpark: 'Heartache ah'

Submitted by Stomper Sharon

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A Stomper experienced 'heartache' when she found the paint on her car door chipped off.

Stomper Sharon told Stomp that she had parked at Mustafa Centre's carpark on Jan22.

"It was a grocery shopping [trip] turned nightmare when a car parked next to my vehicle and the passenger opened the door so hard that it slammed hard on my rear door causing the paint to chip off," she said.

"They walked off like nothing happened but it was all caught on my dashboard camera.

"Be gentle and mindful when opening your car door la.

"Don't open until you damage another person's car and act like nothing happened, now I have to bear the damage.

"Some more on the first day of CNY (Chinese New Year).

"Heartache ah."