Singapore BMW bumps into Johor prince's rare electric car, driver just walks away

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August 3, 2022

Singapore-registered cars - and the people in them - have repeatedly been in the news across the Causeway recently, for all the wrong reasons.

There have been cases of violent road rage, dangerous driving, even peeing in the open.

There is usually a combination of congestion and impatience, some bad luck perhaps along with the bad behaviour.

But this incident in Johor Baru is just bad driving and bad behaviour.

The driver of a Singapore BMW swings left before going nose first into a slanting parking space on the right, and in the process, bumps into a car parked on the left.

He then gets out and walks away, without so much as a look at the other car.

It just so happened that the car he hit belonged to Johor royalty.

On Monday (Aug 1), Tunku Idris Iskandar, 34, third child of the Sultan of Johor, put up a post on social media about what happened.

His rare electric Honda E showed visible damage.

It is hard to believe that the BMW driver was unaware that he had grazed the Honda. The impact was hard enough to make the parked car shake, as is clearly visible from CCTV footage that has been shared online.

Malaysian police confirmed that a report had been filed.

But Tunku Idris himself later appeared to have put the whole thing behind him with a post that said simply: “Reported. Sorted. Move on.”

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