Ominous 'three-eyed' pigeon spotted at Jalan Kukoh resembles creature ripped right out of legend

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup came across a ‘three-eyed’ pigeon outside a paper offerings store in Jalan Kukoh on Oct 6 at 11.29am.

Amused by the sight, Lau Lup quickly snapped some pictures of the bird and sent them to Stomp.

Various lumps, resembling tumours, could be seen on the disfigured bird’s face and beak.

Upon closer inspection, Lau Lup realised that an eyeball of the pigeon was missing, and it was merely an empty socket.

When he tried chasing the pigeon away, it refused to move.

Said Lau Lup:

“The bird seemed to have three eyes.

“It reminded me of a Yung, a mythological creature found in the Classic of Mountains and Seas (a collection of mythic geography and myths).

“It’s probably a disease, and the bird seemed weak.”