Can you spot the 'sinister-looking' faces on this spider in Hougang?

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup came across an unusual looking spider on Sep 11. 

The creature was spotted on a tree trunk near Block 450, Hougang Avenue 10, while it was raining. 

Lau Lup noticed unusual markings on the spider. According to him, there were two 'faces' on its torso, one on top and one at the bottom.

In a telephone interview with Stomp, he commented that the 'face' on top resembled an ape and the one at the bottom looked like a man with horn-like protrusions on his head.

Lau Lup added:

"Normally, I see this kind of spiders with faces often but in this case, the features are much sharper and clearer. It is very sinister-looking."

Have a look at the gallery above and see if you can spot the 'faces'.