How huge snail in Hougang helped to put an end to quarrel between Stomper and his wife

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup shared an unusual account of how a huge snail helped to cool a dispute he had with his wife.

In an email, he said that he was unable to sleep after quarrelling with his partner on Jul 17 at around midnight.

Feeling stressed, he decided to go for a stroll at a park connector near his house in Hougang.

He recounted what happened next:

"I was walking along the covered walkway, about to head home, when i saw this humongous snail crawling beside me. 

"It was the biggest snail that I have ever found living so near my home."

The Stomper took the snail back and showed it to his wife the next day.

They had a good time observing it and taking photos, which helped quell the unhappiness from the night before.

Continued Lau Lap:

"Hope to share this giant with readers. Thanks."