Uni girl gets schooled after telling BF who wants to join SCDF that it's a "low-class job"

Netizens are up in arms after a university student posted about her "dilemma" on NTU (Nanyang Technological University) Confessions' Facebook page.

Her problem? That her boyfriend of two years has decided to join the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) as a regular.

She wrote: 

"Initially I was ok until my parents commented that it's a dirty hands job (sic) done by certain people only.

"To me personally, army is still ok but police or SCDF is (sic) low class jobs done by "some people" only.

"I tried to convince my bf because he has a degree why should he do that kind of job.

"But all those pleas fell on death (sic) ears.

"I feel like I need to save my parents' face too.

"And with that kind of manual labour job, I can forget about having a posh wedding.

"Whenever my friends asked me what kind of profession he is in, I would just lie and say that he is doing some business startup, no concrete plans yet. Any advice?"

Needless to say, her post did not evoke much sympathy from the Internet.

Many of the commenters, including some who are currently serving or have served in the SCDF, try to educate the student on what being an SCDF officer actually entails:

Others injected some humour into their responses:

Many urged her to leave her boyfriend for "his own good".

However, some labelled the poster as a "troll" and questioned the true intention of the post.

What do you think?