Nissan's anti-collision demonstration ends with woman getting struck by car

In an ironic twist of events, a Nissan Rogue that was involved in a collision avoidance demonstration at the annual Spring Auto Show in Dazhou, China, ended up slamming into the hostess of the demonstration program, reported Next Shark.

The demonstration was intended to introduce the audience to Nissan's forward emergency braking software; a new system designed to detect obstacles and help drivers avoid collisions by automatically braking.

In the seven-second video posted on Youtube on Tuesday (May 23), the Nissan Rogue can be seen slamming into the hostess in green during the demonstration.

The woman sustained bruises and was immediately conveyed to a nearby hospital, reported

Organisers of the demonstration later attributed the failure of the braking system to a staff's 'improper operation'. No additional information was released.