Harrowing video shows how 2-year-old in China almost drowns after getting stuck in float

A 2-year-old boy narrowly escaped death after gettingĀ stuck in a float at a swimming pool in Shandong, China.

A harrowing video of the incident was posted on Shanghaiist.

In the video, the child can be first seen wading in the pool in a round float.

An adult was present at the beginning of the video, but left the room shortly.

Thereafter, the boy leaned forward flipped. His head stuck underwater an his legs were swinging in the air.

He struggled in the precarious position for a full 72 seconds before an adult finally noticed him.

By the time the adult reached him, the boy's legs had stopped moving. Thankfully however, the 2-year-old was rescued just before he drowned.

Netizens have taken to social media to question where the boy's parents were throughout his ordeal.