Lazada takes down more stores that sent customers Santa hats: Here's what to do if this happens to you

Submitted by Stomper Jacqueline, William

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Lazada has issued refunds and taken down several stores after more customers received Santa hats and other items instead of what they actually bought.

After Stomp reported on a customer who received a Santa hat instead of two water heaters, more Stompers came forward to share similar experiences.

One Stomper told Stomp she had ordered a Toyogo cabinet, three sets of pyjamas and a tablecloth from different vendors in December.

She received three Santa hats and a coaster instead.

The Stomper said the experience left her feeling "frustrated" and "cheated".

Stomper Jacqueline bought a Braun thermometer on Dec 19 but received a Santa hat as well.

She said her request for a refund was rejected by the seller.

"The moment I received the Santa hat, I contacted the seller but there was no reply from them."

Stomp also received contributions from Stomper William who ordered a green keyboard and received a pair of stockings.

Stomper Ross and another Stomper also received Santa hats despite ordering Dior Sauvage perfume and a cordless vacuum respectively.

In response to a Stomp query, a Lazada spokesman said: "The newly launched Buyer Confirmation Button on Lazada allows customers to indicate if the product received is to their expectations.

"Otherwise, they can file a return/refund request immediately.

"We apologise for the experience of our customers, they have all been refunded and the stores have been taken down."