Ninja Van driver wrongly delivers woman's parcel to neighbour who 'destroys' and discards box

Submitted by Stomper Jazz

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A woman was disappointed when her parcel was delivered to the wrong address by a Ninja Van delivery man.

Stomper Jazz shared that she had paid $43.50 for Thermicon refill epilator tips from the United States via Amazon because she could not find the item in Singapore.

"My parcel was delivered by a Ninja Van delivery guy on Jan 10 but to the wrong unit and I was not informed via text, call or photo," she said.

She said her parcel was placed between her neighbour's gate and door and was opened up by her neighbour's daughter who discarded the box.

"When I found out my parcel had been delivered to the wrong unit, I quickly contacted Ninja Van via chat to ask them to expedite my request to collect my parcel from the unit the delivery guy had sent it to," she said.

In screenshots shared by Jazz, Ninja Van apologised for what had happened and said that they would retrieve the parcel within three days. Jazz then requested for them to expedite the matter and to redeliver the item on the same day as she needed it urgently.

"However, I found out the delivery guy didn't collect the parcel from my neighbour so after I came back from work, I quickly knocked on my neighbour's door," she said.

"They didn't open the door until I saw one of my neighbour's daughters had come home and I asked for my parcel but it was too late.

"She had opened up my parcel and destroyed my box and threw it away."

Jazz said the delivery man called her after she had collected the item from her neighbour. Her neighbour apologised and offered to compensate her for what her daughter had done to the parcel but the Stomper declined, saying her neighbour is a 'nice lady'.

She lamented that it could have been salvaged if the delivery man had been vigilant and acted promptly after knowing he had sent the parcel to the wrong unit.