Man concerned after delivery guy wakes him up at 2am for parcel delivery: Shopee investigating

Shopee is investigating an incident after a man expressed concern for the working conditions of a delivery man after he was woken up past 2am on Nov 30.

A Facebook user was frustrated about being woken up at an 'ungodly hour' and said that there was a problem with Shopee and their delivery fleet, Shopee Xpress (SPX), 'working their drivers to the bone'.

He wrote in a Facebook post that he was woken up by a sequence of vibrations on his phone, initially thinking it was urgent.

However, he was shocked to discover the messages were from the delivery man delivering a parcel at 2.19am.

"Nobody needs parcel notification of delivery at 2am and what is he doing even delivering things at this ungodly hour!?" the netizen wrote.

When he expressed it was too late for a delivery, the man apologised but said it was 'sad' for him too because he was sick and still had to clear his delivery load.

The Facebook user added that the previous day, the same delivery guy came to his door at 10.53pm just after he had gone to bed, but this time he 'broke the record'.

He said he did not want to blame the delivery guy but lamented that he could not put his phone on silent due to work.

"Waking up to a parcel does not feel like Christmas when it's 2am," he said.

In response to a Stomp query, a Shopee spokesperson said they are in touch with the Facebook user and have thanked him for highlighting the incident to them.

"We are investigating the situation and coordinating closely with SPX and the service agency that employs the said delivery partner, to ensure that they strictly adhere to our service level agreement as well as local labour and employment laws," the spokesperson said.

"The safety and well-being of our delivery partners are important to us at Shopee.

"They play a critical role in our operations, and we are extremely grateful for the support they provide our company."

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