Night shift worker gets exotic company from pangolin, carries it back to forest near Woodlands Road

Submitted by Stomper Botak

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Stomper Botak was working late at night on Oct 11 when a little pangolin wandered over to join him.

Botak said he works in a "restricted area" at Jalan Gali Batu, along Woodlands Road, where it is surrounded by forests filled with wildlife.

Said the Stomper: "Only people who work there like me are able to get in. It's damn dark, there are no lights or lamp posts when you enter.

"It was between 11pm to midnight. I was doing my night shift and about to shut a metal gate when I saw this cute and adorable fellow."

Photos that Botak sent to Stomp show the creature perched on a traffic cone.

"It was alone," added Botak.

"I carried it back to the forest myself because my area is all forested.

"I have seen a lot of things before like snakes, wild boars and monkeys."