Mysterious stranger who returned lost wallet to police station is an inspiration to all of us

Submitted by Stomper Steve

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Many of us lose a prized possession with very little hope of getting it back.

Unless you are fortunate enough to encounter a helpful and kind soul like Stomper Steve did, that is.

The Stomper had lost his wallet -- which contained some money -- outside Rendezvous Hotel on Mar 15, but managed to retrieve it thanks to a stranger who had picked it up and dropped it off at the police station.

Steve would like to thank the anonymous Good Samaritan and said:

"My heartfelt gratitude and God bless the kind person who turned in my wallet to the Police after picking it up outside the Rendezvous Hotel on March 15.

"I have since retrieved my wallet with everything intact, including a small amount of money. Due to confidentiality, the police cannot divulge your name.

"Your exemplary conduct and honesty is an inspiration to all of us and for all Singaporeans to emulate. Thanks!"