I gave up searching for lost wallet at Kallang -- but kind soul returned it to my house in Joo Chiat

Submitted by Stomper Sean

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Sean panicked when he first lost his wallet at Kallang Wave Mall yesterday afternoon (Mar 30), as it contained his Identification Card (IC), EZ-Link card and debit card.

He went on a search for hours, but did not have any luck and headed back home -- where his wallet was waiting.

It turned out that a Good Samaritan had dropped off his wallet at his house, which is located in the Joo Chiat Walk area.

Sean said:

"So I was at the arcade with friends at Kallang Wave Mall and lost my wallet.

"I was particularly panicked because it contained my IC, EZ link and debit card.

"I tried looking everywhere and even left my contact details with the receptionist lady at the customer service counter.

"After a few hours of searching, I gave up and went home, which was when I realised that my wallet had been returned to my house earlier, by someone who had found it. Apparently a young Malay guy had driven down to return the wallet.

"I hope this finds him because I didn't have the opportunity to thank him."

To this kind stranger, well done!