Parents get back lost phone containing precious photos thanks to cab driver and passenger

Submitted by Stomper Wan

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When Stomper Wan and his wife took a cab from Chevron House at Raffles Place back home at around 10.30pm yesterday (Mar 31), they did not realise that she had left her phone behind. 

It was only half an hour, when the two were playing with their 7-month-old baby did they realised that the phone was missing.

The parents panicked as they could not remember the licence plate number of the cab and there was no digital receipt which they could trace, as they had flagged the cab.

Moreover, the phone also contained treasured photos of their baby and held a lot of sentimental value for the two. 

They quickly called the phone, and to their surprise, a woman picked up.

The woman, who declined to be named, explained that she was the direct passenger after the couple alighted and had found the phone. 

She then told the cab driver, Mr Tan Thiam Chye, about it and the pair decided to return to the last drop-off point, which was Wan’s house, having anticipated that they would call the phone.

The pair waited for about half an hour at the foot the HDB block for Wan and his wife to initiate contact.

When the worried parents finally called, the four of them arranged to meet downstairs, and returned the phone.

Wan and his wife thanked the kind woman and Mr Tan profusely.

Before leaving, they exchanged contact details, and Wan snapped a photo of the cab.

She subsequently called Wan, telling him that Mr Tan had only charged her half the fees for the trip from Wan’s house back to hers. 

Said Wan:

"I wanted to share this with everyone the inspiring actions of these two kind souls.

"My wife and I were truly blessed to have crossed their paths.

"To Mr Tan and the kind lady, I hope you are reading this.

"This may be a small act to you but it meant a lot to us, especially to know that people like you two still exist.

"We will pay the kind deed forward should we encounter the same situation.

"And to Trans-Cab, kudos for having an honest and kind employee in Mr Tan."