Mum finds small stone in dumpling she was about to feed 2-year-old daughter in 313@Somerset food court

Submitted by Stomper Areefa

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A family found a small stone in a dumpling in the chicken rice set they bought from a Food Republic food court stall at 313@Somerset on Aug 15.

Sharing photos and a video of the stone in the food, Stomper Areefa said: "We ordered the Three Treasure Rice set from Fitra Hainanese Chicken Rice."

The Three Treasure Rice comes with three kinds of chicken: steamed, roast and soy sauce.

The Stomper continued: "While eating halfway, I was about to feed my two-year-old daughter when to our horror, we found a stone the size of a 5-cent coin! We were so lucky that I had not fed it to my daughter yet.

"This is so unacceptable!"

Stomp has contacted Food Republic for more info.

This is the third Stomper this month to find an object in her food that should not be there.

Earlier, one Stomper found a wooden clothes peg and another found a hook in her fish soup.