MRT passengers take off footwear and make themselves at home on East-West Line train

Submitted by Stomper Wong, Anonymous

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The yoga pose is called Vipariti Karani, also known as "legs up the wall".

Stomper Wong shared a photo of a man lying across three MRT train seats, including a priority seat, with his legs at almost a right angle and his shoeless feet resting on the glass panel.

One of his shoes was on the priority seat next to his butt while the other shoe was on the carriage floor with his phone and wallet.

The Stomper described the man as being in a "yoga posture".

"A drunk man was lying on the MRT seat along East-West Line with his wallet, handphone and shoe scattered on the floor. I witnessed this incident at Outram Park towards Tuas Link at around 11.15pm on June 11," recounted the Stomper.

"The man used his leg to bang on the glass panel, sometimes making a groaning sound. The other passengers were very calm and no one complained."

Would you?

Another Stomper also shared a photo on June 12 of a man lying flat on his back across four MRT seats, including a priority seat, with his sandals on the floor and a piece of luggage beside him.

It was also on the East-West Line.

"I went on the train at Boon Lay and the first thing I saw was this guy. Not only did he lie down, he was even barefoot while calling someone," said the Stomper.

"The other commuters looked at him uncomfortably."

If this resembled a yoga pose, it might be Savasana, also known as the "corpse" pose.

You could say he was just dead tired.