Man sleeps on side of Orchard Road hanging on to his luggage: 'It's iconic'

Submitted by Stomper Nit Ray

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Another morning at Orchard.

A man was spotted sleeping on the side of Orchard Road with his arm around the handle of his luggage at 7.30am on Sunday (Jan 15).

A photo shared by Stomper Nit Ray shows the man lying on his back next to the double yellow lines opposite the Voco Orchard Singapore hotel in front of Palais Renaissance.

"Is this going to be the most iconic picture of 2023 or what?" asked the Stomper.

"I think it's iconic because people are dying to travel after Covid period, even if it means sleeping anywhere just to make sure they don't miss their flight.

"Maybe the person partied hard the night before and took his luggage with him to one of the pubs, then passed out.

"So I think this picture encapsulates the emotions attached to travelling.

"Maybe it's an exaggeration to say that it's iconic for the entire year of 2023 because it has been only two weeks since the new year started.

"But who knows?"