Man sleeps 'very sweetly' by road at Tuas junction as people in passing cars point at him and ask why

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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It is not Orchard Road.

There you can find people sleeping on the roadside early in the morning possibly after a night of imbibing too much alcohol in one of the numerous nightspots in the area.

The spot where Stomper Lim took a video of a man slumbering out in the open on Wednesday (Feb 22) at 8.45am is a location in Singapore you can justifiably call the middle of nowhere.

Or to be more precise, the corner of Tuas View Crescent and Tuas South Avenue 5 – not exactly a happening place.

Perhaps that is what made it such an ideal site for some shut-eye.

"He slept very sweetly as many cars passed by with people pointing at him and asking why the person was sleeping there," said the Stomper, who was in one of those vehicles that passed by.

Despite the hard concrete surface he was on, the man in white shirt and shorts did appear to be rather comfortable in the video curled up in a fetal position on some sort of mat with his footwear off.

"I think maybe he was exercising or drunk and then laid down there," suggested the Stomper.

Those are two wildly conflicting theories. The man did not look like he was dressed for exercise and where would he get a drink in the middle of nowhere?

The Stomper pointed out that there was a food court on the opposite corner of the junction.

Perhaps it is not so different from Orchard Road after all.

What is your theory?