MP for Jurong GRC Rahayu Mahzam responds to flyer about her 'visiting the future'

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Back to the future?

Nah, it's just the wrong notice being put up.

A flyer of Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Law Rahayu Mahzam, who is also Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC (Bukit Batok East), has been making waves online recently.

The flyer stated that Ms Mahzam had visited a resident's home on February 1, but the resident was not in. It also told the resident to reach out for assistance if needed.

The problem? It was only January 29 when the notice was spotted.

Several readers alerted Stomp to a photo of the flyer that has been circulating on social media.

The photo was captioned: "Today is 29 Jan 2023 but my MP already visited me on 1 Feb 2023 and said I was not at home! Why like that?! Don't tell anyone ok?! I don't want to embarrass her!"

Stompers wondered whether this was an honest mistake or if someone had tampered with the flyer.

Ms Mahzam has since apologised and clarified that the wrong notice was put up at the lift landing of one of the blocks in her constituency.

She said in an Instagram post on Monday (Jan 30): "It said I had already visited the block on 1 February 2023. Actually, I am visiting the block on 1 February 2023.

"Usually, our team also prepares notices to give out to residents who are not home that day. The wrong notice was put up. Sorry about that! But grateful for the 'publicity'!"

Ms Mahzam also expressed hopes that residents of Block 207 Jurong East Street 21 will be home on Wednesday and said she looks forward to visiting them.

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