Mouldy pandan cakes removed from Giant Express in Bukit Panjang after customer informs store

Submitted by Stomper Aine

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Mouldy pandan cakes were removed from a Giant Express outlet in Bukit Panjang after a customer informed the store, said DFI Retail Group, which operates the Giant Express convenience stores.

Stomper Aine said she spotted the stack of mouldy pandan cakes at Giant Express at Block 256 Bangkit Road on Dec 29 at 11.14am.

"The elderly who cannot see would end up buying it," said the Stomper, concerned.

"When I told the workers one by one, they went to look at it."

The date printed on the sticker on the cake packaging was Dec 24.

In response to a Stomp query, a DFI Retail Group spokesperson said the health and safety of its customers is a top priority at the company.

"Upon being made aware of the issue, we launched an investigation at the store." said the spokesperson.

"Store checks found that the bakery display trolley was immediately removed after the customer informed our store team members about the affected products."

"Nonetheless, we would like to express our apologies to this customer for their experience and have since stepped up checks on our bakery products to ensure that our products are of the high quality that our customers expect."