Garlic spread bought just a day earlier found mouldy, FairPrice replaces existing batch with new stock

Submitted by Stomper BeeHoon

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The expiry date is more than six months away.

Yet a man found that a jar of Taho garlic sesame spread he had just bought the day before had already turned mouldy.

Stomper BeeHoon said: "I purchased it on April 22 from the FairPrice Finest supermarket in Ang Mo Kio. The expiry date is Nov 30."

He had paid $2.53 for the product.

The Stomper shared photos of the receipt and an open jar showing mould growing on top of the garlic sesame spread.

In response to a Stomp query, a FairPrice Group spokesman said: "We have worked closely with our supplier to investigate the matter.

"Checks on existing stocks have shown no abnormalities, and we have not received any similar customer feedback regarding the same product.

"Nonetheless, as an additional precaution, we have removed the existing batch of products from the store and replaced them with new stocks.

"We invite the customer to contact us directly at 6380 5858 or through for a refund and to assist with further investigation.

"We like to also assure customers that our 'Freshness Guaranteed' policy allows them to return or exchange fresh food products of unsatisfactory quality at the same store of purchase, along with their receipt."