Motorist says 'hell driver' terrorised him with high beam, dangerous driving and middle finger on PIE

Submitted by Stomper JS

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A motorist felt terrorised by a "hell driver' in a dark blue Renault car on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) on Feb 13 evening.

Stomper JS shared a nearly 3½-minute dash cam video of his ordeal with subtitles.

It started at 8.46pm before the Stomper entered the PIE via Braddell Road with the Renault behind him.

The subtitles said that the Renault cut off another car "dangerously" during a lane merge.

The Renault then overtook the Stomper on the left and cut in front of a taxi, forcing the cabby to jam the brakes several times.

Later on the PIE, the Renault "swerved all the way from the expressway entrance to lane one" and almost ended up hitting the side railing to avoid another vehicle, according to the Stomper.

"Hell driver proceeds to high beam all the way to Tampines Avenue 5," said the Stomper in the subtitles.

The Stomper said he tried speeding up to evade the Renault, driving as fast as 114kmh, according to the video, but to no avail.

"After a few non-eventful minutes, thought the ordeal was over, but no... he re-appears," said the subtitles.

"Passes by the next lane with a very cordial middle-finer greeting. Continues to terrorise other road users with his high beam, forcing cars off his path."

In the last subtitle before the video ends, the Stomper said the driver of the Renault "decided to saunter by my side to give me another middle finger before exiting."

It was 8.55pm by then.

The Stomper described what he witnessed as "recklessness" by a "driver from hell".