Woman flashes middle finger after getting honked at for blocking traffic outside Paragon

Submitted by Stomper Jovi

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Nicely dressed, but ugly behaviour.

A woman was caught on camera flashing her middle finger after getting honked at outside Paragon Shopping Centre on August 28, at 5.23pm.

Stomper Jovi shared a video of the incident and said: "A car dropped off passengers illegally and blocked traffic during peak hour.

"Cam-car gave a honk and the passenger was unhappy."

In the video, two men and two women can be seen alighting from the car. The younger man and younger woman then open the car boot to retrieve a suitcase.

The young woman is subsequently seen turning around and flashing her middle finger at the cam-car. She does so another two more times while walking towards Paragon.

Funnily, she is the one who remembers to close the car boot and is also seen guiding one of her companions away from the road.

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