Driver flashes middle finger at Grab driver after getting honked at for not giving way at Bukit Timah

Submitted by Stomper Syed

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A car driver was caught on video flashing his middle finger at a Grab driver after he was honked at for not giving way along Bukit Timah Road on Sept 4.

Stomper Syed told Stomp that he had picked up a passenger from Raffles Hospital and was driving along Bukit Timah Road when another car suddenly cut in front of his car from the left.

"Supposedly, he had to give way and I slowly moved and applied the brake," he said.

"My customer said he was in pain because he had a minor operation and informed me to make a report."

After sounding his horn at the driver, the other man is seen opening his window and sticking out his arm to show Syed the middle finger.

"Then when I sped up, he purposely came to my lane and stopped his car, my customer was very upset," he said.

"He then moved to the right-most lane."