Motorist allegedly glares at people using zebra crossing at Scotts Road alley, drives through them

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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It seemed he just could not wait.

A motorist allegedly glared at people using the zebra crossing in the alleyway between Tang Plaza and Scotts Square before driving through the pedestrians.

Sharing a photo of the car driving away, a Stomper said it happened on Aug 27 at 10:35am.

"There's this alley in Orchard that has a zebra crossing which cars often ignore," said the Stomper.

"The driver saw pedestrians crossing, stared at them and accelerated through them, almost causing a traffic accident.

"I think it's because the white lines on the zebra crossing are faded that the motorists behave in such a brazen manner.

"The male driver in his 70s, full head of white hair, glared contemptuously at the pedestrians before accelerating into their path.

"But regardless of whether his failing sight could perceive the zebra crossing or not, it is absurd, not to mention illegal, to accelerate into pedestrians especially while looking them in the eye.

"That's quite psychotic if you ask me."

Sharing another photo to show the zebra crossing, the Stomper said: "This picture is a good representation of how busy the roads usually are.

"Of course, we pedestrians aren't so ungracious ourselves. If it was peak period and there was an endless stream of people or if the cars waiting to turn in were stuck in uncomfortable limbo backing up along the main road, we would stop and let a few cars through.

"The driver in question did not even slow down for a split second. I would not say that he was in the terrible predicament of having had to wait an overly long period of time."