Cars fail to stop for schoolgirl at zebra crossing outside primary school in Bukit Timah

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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Motorists, please look out for pupils at zebra crossings.

That is the message Stomper Raven has for all drivers after witnessing two cars failing to stop for a schoolgirl waiting to use the zebra crossing outside Cambridge Primary School on Feb 21 at 8.45am.

The Stomper was waiting for someone outside the nearby Bukit Timah Tua Pek Kong Temple at Jalan Seh Chuan where he took a video of what happened.

"I observed that vehicles did not stop to give way to the schoolgirl in uniform, who was ready to cross the road at the zebra crossing," recounted the Stomper.

Is it possible that the drivers of the two cars did not see the schoolgirl as she was blocked from their view by the trees and the pillars of the walkway shelter?

The Stomper said: "Even though it is a two-way street, most cars rushed across the zebra crossing without checking for pedestrians. There were many cases where pedestrians had to wait for the cars to move off before crossing.

"Thank goodness for the black car on the opposite side of the road."

Coming from the other way, the driver of the black car could see the schoolgirl more clearly and stopped before the zebra crossing. This prompted an oncoming school bus on the other side of the road to slow down to a stop, allowing the schoolgirl to finally cross the road.

"A little kindness does play a part," said the Stomper.

"I do hope that motorists slow down and give way."