Motorcycle couple quarrel with PHV driver blocking them from parking in Jurong: 'You dare to scold me'

Submitted by Stomper Elton

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Tempers flared.

A couple on a motorcycle got into a quarrel with a private-hire vehicle (PHV) driver at a Jurong ar park after the latter blocked their way to the motorcycle parking lots.

Stomper Elton said it happened near Block 726 Jurong West Avenue 5 on Dec 15 at around 2.30pm.

"My wife and I experienced a distressing incident as we returned home on our motorcycle," recounted the Stomper.

"In the motorcycle parking area, we observed a multi-purpose vehicle blocking access to designated motorcycle parking spaces, creating a safety hazard."

Printed on the side of the vehicle was the word "Focus", which is the name of a PHV rental company.

The Stomper said: "Attempting to communicate with the driver, I encountered aggressive and threatening behaviour characterised by loud Hokkien vulgarities."

When Elton took out his phone to record the encounter, the driver moved his vehicle to a proper parking lot, explaining he was waiting for someone.

Sharing a brief video of the driver parking his vehicle and an audio recording of the argument, the Stomper said: "The driver continued to hurl abusive language, even daring us to involve the police.

"My wife confronted the driver, demanding his name for feedback to the PHV company involved."

In the audio recording, the Stomper's wife can be heard saying: "You dare to scold me?"

At one point, the driver said: "You don't use the mobile to go and do all those media stupid thing ah. Like childish guy."

The woman retorted: "Yah, I childish, you matured, can?"

She also wondered aloud in Hokkien why he scolded her when she didn't owe him money. The driver replied he didn't owe her money too.

Elton told Stomp: "This incident highlights the disturbing conduct of the PHV driver, whose hooligan-like behaviour not only creates problems for customers and endangers road users but also reflects a total disregard for basic courtesy."

"It is crucial to speak out against such behaviour to prevent societal harm."