Woman grateful to fellow rider after getting shouted at for using wrong lane at Suntec City carpark

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A woman expressed her gratitude to a fellow rider after she was shouted at for using the wrong lane to exit Suntec City's carpark.

TikTok user huiyiting516 posted a video with a time stamp stating it happened on Nov 12.

She said she was on her way home after work when she had the 'worst experience' with the carpark's staff via the intercom.

The rider shared that she was not familiar with the carpark and was not aware that motorcycles can only exit via certain lanes.

She also noted that there were no signs to indicate where motorcycles should exit so when it was her turn to exit, the barrier went down and she realised she could not squeeze out.

@huyiting516 super grateful to the rider who stopped 1 side to help me reverse my bike, I'm truly thankful for his kind act that night after I got shouted at through the intercom. Anyway, I'm posting this video to warn other riders who haven't parked at suntec before or is gonna park there one day, I don't wish for anymore riders to experience this horrendous incident. it was super disrespectful for no reason, I felt like this incident could've been avoided if there were signages or maybe the person could just open the barrier for me to exit. #sunteccity #carpark #gantry #riding #motorcycle #bikelife #biketok #sgrider ♬ Deep Lake - Romeo

There were two humps to get over and after standing the whole day for work, she could not do it herself.

After trying to move nearer to the IU sensor, the gantry indicated that motorcycles are not allowed to use that one.

When she pressed the intercom butt to explain that she could not reverse, the staff on the other end is heard admonishing her: "Then why you enter?"

She said: "... I started to panic because I felt like the one person who could help me was raising his voice at me."

She was stunned at the man's attitude towards her before she had a chance to say anything.

While she understood that perhaps he was irritated because she was one of many riders who had used the wrong lane, she thought his tone was uncalled for and did not appreciate that he kept interrupting her when she tried to explain the barrier was too long for her to squeeze through the side.

Although she was appreciative when the staff eventually said he would send someone down to assist her, she said she was also 'scared' that she might get scolded again.

"I was in distress and overwhelmed after the intercom went through," she said.

"I felt so helpless, just being disrespected like that and I can't do anything about it."

At the end of her video, she shared that another rider came over to help her reverse her bike and exit the carpark

"I hope this video can reach him too," she said.

"I'm truly very thankful for his help that night."

The TikToker's video has since garnered over 26,000 views with many netizens sympathising with her.

Some added that they had similar experiences at the same carpark.

Others said that she did not deserve to be shouted at.