More youths fishing at MBS pond -- and they even nearly hit passer-by with rod

Submitted by Stomper Noah

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Is it the newest fishing spot in town?

Another group of youths were seen fishing at a pond in Marina Bay Sands, just days after a similar incident was reported on Stomp.

Stomper Noah said he spotted the three youths fishing at the pond outside the Apple Store on Sunday (Apr 9), at around 1.30pm.

Noah recounted: "They were swinging their fishing rods dangerously, without checking the back for any visitors walking past them.

"When I told them to look out for people behind them, they argued back, 'This place is yours har?'

"After talking to them, they still carried on fishing. They were there for almost one and a half hours but security was nowhere to be seen.

"I have no objections to fishing but they should at least be considerate in the way they cast their bait out. They didn't even bother to check for anyone at the back and were swinging theirs rods back and forth."

Stomper Pavel earlier shared how he had seen two other youths fishing from the same pond. According to him, the pair fled with some goldfishes before security could reach them.

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