Mixed rice stall should display prices of all food items so customers don't get surprised, says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Amos

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We have all probably been there.

After choosing the food items for our cai png, we get a mild shock when we have to pay more than anticipated.

Stomp has reported many cases where the shock was not so mild.

Stomper Amos believes all this can be avoided if mixed rice stalls just display the prices of all their food items in the open.

"I understand that inflation has caused food prices to increase everywhere, but hawkers must ethically list the prices of their food items on menus that can be seen by the customers," said the Stomper.

He has in mind one cai png stall at Bishan Street 13 in particular.

"Previously, that stall was helmed by NTUC Rice Garden and the prices were reasonable. There was no problem when Bishan residents were buying their meals.

"Currently, the Kimly Mixed Rice stall does not openly convey the prices of their food to buyers and after selecting the dishes, Bishan residents usually get a surprise when the final total is made known to them."

The Stomper shared photos of the stall, including the menu board listing the prices of the various items.

The problem is that the Stomper claims not all the food items are on the menu.

"The prices of curry pork, minced meat in long beans and a few other items are not listed. These items cost a whopping $1.50, an amount that irks the buyers because the prices are not properly listed and buyers have the expectation that one vegetable dish costs 80 cents and one meat dish costs $1.30."

On the menu, curry pork ribs are listed as $1.50 and stir-fried french beans with minced pork are $1.30.

The Stomper said: "At the point of transaction, buyers have the legal right to reject an atrocious offer because the eventual prices are not reasonable.

"In the event a buyer walks away from the sale, the seller has no right to demand money from the buyer."

He added: "I hope that an organisation can step in to inform hawkers that it is a must to list the prices of whatever food items the hawkers are selling."