Mitsubishi driver makes late decision to turn left, ends up blocking pedestrians at Yishun Ave 2

Submitted by Stomper Kampong Grange

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Stomper Kampong Grange was travelling along Yishun Avenue 2 yesterday evening (Jun 2) and was waiting at a red traffic light just after Yishun MRT Station to turn left to Yishun Avenue 5.

Suddenly, a red Mitsubishi overtook him while the light was still red in order to turn left as well.

As there was no space in front, the car ended up blocking the pedestrian crossing.

"This impatient driver of a Mitsubishi Attrage with licence plate number SLN5582M cut into my lane even though I was already at the front," said the Stomper.

"This driver still wanted to squeeze.

"I wonder if a pedestrian had been crossing the road at that moment, what would have happened?

"I hope before anything bad happens the Traffic Police will take action against this driver."

Watch the video below.