Selfish TransCab driver hogs sheltered walkway, residents forced to run in rain

Submitted by Stomper Benjamin

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Stomper Benjamin was about to fetch his daughter to school this rainy morning (May 22) at around 7am when he came across a selfish taxi driver who refused to move out of the sheltered walkway located near Block 217 Jurong East Street 21.

Said the Stomper:

"The TransCab with licence plate number SHD9540H was there to pick up a passenger but the passenger wasn't there yet.

"He refused to move away but continued to hog the sheltered area to wait for the passenger. A car behind him even honked at him, but he refused to leave.

"People who wanted to cross had to 'kena' the rain as they ran over. An auntie carrying an umbrella even asked the driver to move away first to wait, but he refused.

"In the end, my daughter had to run to the car in the rain because we were late. Her clothes were all wet after that.

"The driver hogged the sheltered area for more than five minutes.

"Such an inconsiderate driver. The shelter is not for sheltering your vehicle, it is for the convenience of pedestrians. 

"There was such a heavy rain, couldn't he have moved a little to let people board their vehicles first?"