Peugeot driver blocks cars at Expo carpark, makes a big fuss when issued warning letter

Submitted by Stomper Xaver

This story was submitted via Web contribution form.

Stomper Xaver alerted Stomp to an unapologetic driver who blocked his wife's car at Carpark E of the Singapore Expo last Saturday (May 13) and insisted he still had the right to park as he did. 

In the photos Xaver contributed, the Peugeot of licence plate number SLC2510Z can be seen blocking two cars in the carpark. 

Said the Stomper:

"My wife sent her sister to the Singapore Expo for an official seminar last Saturday.

"She was allowed to park the car at the designated lots for seminar attendees. After dropping her sister, she wanted to leave at about 2pm but the car was blocked.

"She sounded the horn and waited for 20 minutes but the driver did not turn up. A security guard stepped in and made an announcement for the driver to move his car.

"The driver did not appear and the guard issued a warning letter to the inconsiderate driver.

"The man only appeared half an hour later. But instead of being apologetic, he insisted he had the right to park the way he did as all attendees would leave at the same time after the seminar ended.

"Yah right, as if all activities at the location will end at the same time..."