Miscalculation again? Another diner says Food Dynasty stall overcharged and couldn't explain why

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Something's not adding up.

A second Stomper has come forward to share his unsavoury experience with an economy rice stall at Food Dynasty at Lazada One in Bras Basah Road.

Stomper Anon, who read about how Stomper S was charged $24 for two places of rice on May 5, said he had visited the same food court on May 2, at 1.40pm.

He ordered a plate of rice with sweet and sour pork, pumpkin and potatoes.

However, his receipt stated otherwise.

Anon said: "I was mischarged for one meat and three special vegetables and even though I only ordered one meat and two vegetables.

"Just like in Stomper S's case, the staff had the same reaction when I confronted them. They said they were just pressing the machine. Similarly, I was the only one at the time of ordering and the staff was free enough to be chatting with another man."

The meal of 'one meat and three vegetables' came up to $5.90, but Anon received a 10% discount for paying via Food Dynasty's K2 Gourmet Card. His final bill amounted to $5.30.

Anon added: "I understand that the price is still reasonable, but it’s unfair that this mixed vegetables store at Lazada One is not being honest.

"It's not the first time as the same thing happened to me when the stall just opened. The managers were there but they simply told me to check with the stall clerk.

"Two other friends of mine had also been wrongly charged on separate occasions."

Anon also explained why he continued to visit the stall despite his less than pleasant experiences, adding: "I’m a student nearby and this is one of the very few dining options/food court in the area.

"But my classmates and I have always been sceptical as the price is always different. Sometimes it's high and sometimes it's reasonable.

"I just want to raise awareness about this stall."

Anon's experiences echo that of Stomper S, who was charged $24 for two plates of economy rice from the same stall.

She said in a May 10 article: "When we confronted the staff, they not only couldn't match the description to the food we ordered, they didn’t even bother to explain. Mind you, there was no one in line and they were not busy at the moment."

However, Stomp was later told by a source that there was a "miscalculation" for her bill because "business was bustling, hence, (it was) chaotic, so the stall operator miscalculated".

So was the food court empty or bustling?

And is this another miscalculation?